✒ 📷 ⛽ Old Gasoline Haiku | Photograph Taken at Lovell Market | Summer ’16

I visited home for the first time in nearly a decade last summer. I took my husband to show him where I grew up and we went to some of my old haunts. The Lovell Market just outside of Upper Sandusky on State Route 199 was my favorite place to get beef jerky.

They made it in house with cows they raised. Whatever their secret recipe was, it was amazing. I had no other like it. I loved it so much I had my mom to mail me some! Very salty, peppery, chewy, not greasy, just delicious. They also made bratwursts in house and served some epic pizza.

My mom told me the old owners sold the market, but they did not sell off their beef jerky recipe. So no one is actively making this amazing snack (as far as I know) and I am crushed. In any case, I snapped this photo of an old gas pump that sits outside using my Canon-ae 1 program, not sure what kind of film. The haiku was inspired by the photo. ♥ Nisi


✒ 📷 ⛽ Old Gasoline Haiku | Photograph Taken at Lovell Market | Summer '16

Tuning the State

(work in progress)

An enterprise of humans sing about
birds and bees with predatory intentions.

Hands raise in question but never chosen,
answers withheld as a coveted truth that
cannot be known.

Forsake the things that cannot be,
forsake the things we cannot change?

We are due inch by inch across the sea
below the sky, hurting ourselves.

Where is the mystery in that?
Or do you cast a blind eye with long shadows
to nowhere?

Unless you lay the clues gently while
sleepwalking in the pleasantness of the afternoon.

Do it at night, nothing remains lucid,
it gets lost in subtleties.

We get lost in the nuances of life,
we become no longer a dream,
we become no longer you and me or us.

Instead we clean up the butter of our bodies,
scrape it off the solid surface before it melts,
smear on toast with strawberry jam.

The quintessential continental breakfast
at the hotel of dystopian humor
you can no longer name,
after it sunk in on its own itinerary.

All the pamphlets laid out neatly and alphabetically,
outlying the tourist attractions-

the water parks, the horseback riding, the rafting,
maps to hiking and picnicking areas.

The backyards of defeat could not be found near these parks.

The moment we think it was lost it then realize
we never had it for ourselves,
a priceless real estate.



[Lately, I have mostly been inspired by the rebirth of Spring, the coming of Summer, positive change and nature. I am glad I am able to get something a little less bubbly out, but I am still not sure about this one. It is missing something… ]




Mojave Freedom

We found a road all to our own. Far away from the dull roar of the parking lot that can be 15S from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in the Mojave Desert. Here is another gem taken with my ae-1 and two haikus to make you as free as I did on that old dirt road. Felt like home and a strange place all at once. Enjoy.

♥ Nisi

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A Ghost Town Poem & Photographs Taken in Goodsprings, Nevada

Goodsprings is my favorite small town stop in Southern Nevada. The town had a boom in the early 1900’s when the railroad came through. They pulled  lead, silver, copper, zinc and gold out of the mines in the foothills of the Spring Mountains. Unfortunately, times were changing and the mining boom was over before World War II. They did see a small rise during WWII but was short lived. People left, but many of the original buildings still remain, along with roughly 200 people.

Every time we drive out on the 15, my husband and I stop at the Pioneer Saloon to have a quick bite and a drink. Their food is AMAZING and the people are even better. Tourists and residents alike sit side by side and share their stories with each other. The bar itself has some great tales of the Wild West, and also of tragedy. Clark Cable’s wife was actress Carole Lombard. She was in a plane that crashed near Goodsprings, and he waited at the bar for 2 days before they found the wreckage and her body.

I love taking photos here and I have several times. There is something beautiful in the detriment. I imagine the stories that each building houses, and the years they have seen. I am intrigued how they are left to do nothing but decay, in a glorious way. A reminder of what once was, and the ability to contrast it with what we have now.

Here are a few that I have taken over the last few years with my Canon AE-1 Program and various types of film.

♥ Nisi


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Ghost Town in Goodsprings, Nevada | Nisi Poesy | Travel Blog | Travel Photography | Poetry

Ghost Town in Goodsprings, Nevada | Nisi Poesy | Poetry, Art & Travel Blog | Travel Photography | Desert

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Last Reading at Molly Malone’s! What’s Next?

Yesterday was our very last show with Billy Joseph and Philosopher’s Stone Poetry at Molly Malone’s. It has been a fun couple of months heading to West Hollywood on Tuesday nights to perform. I read two poems I am currently working on. One is entitled “Pickled State” and you will probably see it up here soon. I also read a few you can find here:

Cleopatra Oakley Soup
Summer of ’16
Feast of Flies

So what is next? More monthly readings at Gravlax and helping Pspoets edit the third publication. Pspoets is also collaborating on a city art project with the Mar Vista ArtWalk’s Lenore French, local artist Gus Harper and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. We are very excited about this, and are waiting to see what is to be done next.

By the end of the year, I plan to have my first chapbook complete, so I will also be vigorously rummaging through my journals and organized folders in OneDrive to propose some sort of theme, perhaps, or a disjointed but curated collection (Poems: 2007-2017?)  Once I get through Pspoets’ book I will better understand what I should try to do. Meanwhile, I need to start submitting my work to other online and/or print publications. Have you any suggestions or tips? ♥ NISI


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Philosopher’s Stone Poetry: 2 Year Anniversary Reading

Last week was the 2 year anniversary reading with Philosopher’s Stone Poetry at Gravlax. We had a great lineup and a great crowd. There was poetry, music and libations!

It has been an honor to get to know the fellow poets and artists involved with Philosopher’s Stone Poetry. Thank you to Chase Maser, Sergio Cacciotti and Amanda Ortiz for putting together such a great group. I look forward to more awesomeness in the future.

Here are a few photos from the night, courtesy of Dan Wynick. Thank you everyone who has participated and keep writing! ♥ Nisi


Oh, jacaranda!

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I fell in love with the diverse array of plant life. Though some are not native (such as the Canary Island palm trees you find growing very old and sick up and down the western coast of the U.S.), there are MANY different trees, flowers, shrubs and succulents found all over Southern California that you just don’t see in the rest of the U.S. (the mid-west, for example).

The Jacaranda tree is my favorite. The magical purple petals stain the sidewalks and roads after they bloom in late Spring. They are painting a beautiful landscape against the ugliness that can also be found here in our city. They certainly do provide much inspiration, and I cannot stop taking photos of them. ♥ Nisi


Oh, jacaranda!lining streets with purple bliss,dreamy petals dance. -NISI