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The solstice arrived last night at 9:24 pm. In Los Angeles, we get somewhere nearly year round, but there is still something special about the solstice and the changing of the season. This poem is originally titled “Summer of ’16”. The photo was also taken some time last summer, with my Canon ae-1 program on one of our many trips down the street to Venice Beach. ♥ Nisi

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1 Year Wedding Anniversary & Remembering Our Honeymoon in Santa Cruz

I can’t believe it has already been a year since our wedding (June 17th). This time last  year we were cruising up the Pacific Coast, going as far north as Santa Cruz (We were tempted to keep going!). It was an awesome little getaway in my new adopted home of California.

The beaches were packed, as it was a warm day. We checked out the Boardwalk and had some beers, made out in the photo booth, did a little souvenir shopping. Later, we wandered around downtown to dig the sights. We found Pizza My Heart in and had some epic slices while enjoying photos of famous people surfing the famous central coast waves.

We then ran into one of our favorite punk bands from L.A., Sex Stains (Remember Allison Wolfe from Bratmobile? She is still kicking ass), so we caught the end of the show at The Catalyst. They opened for the girl-fronted indie-ish rock band, Cherry Glazerr, who we did not know at all but ended up putting on a rad live performance, finishing the night out with a Nirvana cover of “Territorial Pissing”.

♥ Nisi

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My Poem Evanesce & A Photograph of My Childhood Home

Fill the empty home with emerald trees
wide fields carrying birds, harboring all

Retain muggle thoughts, muggy blots at best
as they all tend to disappear with time

Piles of distraction on side of roadkill
scrape off miles away but old stains remain

Comforting as such, the yellow ones are
found filling in outlines of rectangles

Old frames with dead families now lost
at best confused about who they should be

Remember the SNES, how it
turned just like the walls, yellow in some spots

When the long cords unraveled blasting off
to Yoshi’s world, getting away from there

20/20 hindsight, stayed not much longer
grew up too fast when time is so short

6 years old and staying up so late so
I could greet them after a night of bars

Those summer nights, Ohio sky dead-stop
a humid, full home breathing 2nd hand

Nicotine stains, the birds fade in due course
leaving bits of tribute where possible

Good-bye lush trees, dancing fields of feather corn
watch you disappear into sapphire waves

Cerulean sky to greet what is left
a little bit of magic to pocket

Palm trees waving no flag like yellow gold
but there are bare walls to stain here too.

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✒ 📷 ⛽ Old Gasoline Haiku | Photograph Taken at Lovell Market | Summer ’16

I visited home for the first time in nearly a decade last summer. I took my husband to show him where I grew up and we went to some of my old haunts. The Lovell Market just outside of Upper Sandusky on State Route 199 was my favorite place to get beef jerky.

They made it in house with cows they raised. Whatever their secret recipe was, it was amazing. I had no other like it. I loved it so much I had my mom to mail me some! Very salty, peppery, chewy, not greasy, just delicious. They also made bratwursts in house and served some epic pizza.

My mom told me the old owners sold the market, but they did not sell off their beef jerky recipe. So no one is actively making this amazing snack (as far as I know) and I am crushed. In any case, I snapped this photo of an old gas pump that sits outside using my Canon-ae 1 program, not sure what kind of film. The haiku was inspired by the photo. ♥ Nisi


✒ 📷 ⛽ Old Gasoline Haiku | Photograph Taken at Lovell Market | Summer '16

Mojave Freedom

We found a road all to our own. Far away from the dull roar of the parking lot that can be 15S from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in the Mojave Desert. Here is another gem taken with my ae-1 and two haikus to make you as free as I did on that old dirt road. Felt like home and a strange place all at once. Enjoy.

♥ Nisi

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A Ghost Town Poem & Photographs Taken in Goodsprings, Nevada

Goodsprings is my favorite small town stop in Southern Nevada. The town had a boom in the early 1900’s when the railroad came through. They pulled  lead, silver, copper, zinc and gold out of the mines in the foothills of the Spring Mountains. Unfortunately, times were changing and the mining boom was over before World War II. They did see a small rise during WWII but was short lived. People left, but many of the original buildings still remain, along with roughly 200 people.

Every time we drive out on the 15, my husband and I stop at the Pioneer Saloon to have a quick bite and a drink. Their food is AMAZING and the people are even better. Tourists and residents alike sit side by side and share their stories with each other. The bar itself has some great tales of the Wild West, and also of tragedy. Clark Cable’s wife was actress Carole Lombard. She was in a plane that crashed near Goodsprings, and he waited at the bar for 2 days before they found the wreckage and her body.

I love taking photos here and I have several times. There is something beautiful in the detriment. I imagine the stories that each building houses, and the years they have seen. I am intrigued how they are left to do nothing but decay, in a glorious way. A reminder of what once was, and the ability to contrast it with what we have now.

Here are a few that I have taken over the last few years with my Canon AE-1 Program and various types of film.

♥ Nisi


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Ghost Town in Goodsprings, Nevada | Nisi Poesy | Travel Blog | Travel Photography | Poetry

Ghost Town in Goodsprings, Nevada | Nisi Poesy | Poetry, Art & Travel Blog | Travel Photography | Desert

Chicken Shit Bingo at Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, Nevada | Nisi Poesy | Poetry, Art & Travel Blog | Travel Photography | The Mojave Desert

Lost Innocence & Photographs from A Day at Venice Beach

The words here are an excerpt from a collage poem I made several years ago. Here is the full poem, only missing a few lines below. It is always nice to look back / reexamine / reapply. No state of art (of mine) is permanent, and I often change directions. In this case, I paired a few lines with a photograph I took at the beach this past March, and have added a few  more photos here to bring alive the day a little more.

The mood is of lost innocence with the abandoned tricycle chained up, its seat laying helplessly beside it on the ground. The lost toys reinforce the gloomy tone. Elmo and an Ugly Doll, left behind by some heartbroken child or an even more dejected adult.

The players on basketball courts, palms trees in the foggy distance and the wayward with the “Fuck Trump” backpack are reminders of where we were. The Pacific Coast in Southern California.

A wild end of the road, where all walks of life cross paths with sun-bleached hair and stoned eyes, the strangest of feelings: a cold isolation and warm hopeful cheeks mixed with a certain vague comradery, freedom with a hint of gentrifying oppression, wondering what will happen next.

♥ Nisi



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Lost Innocence | Poem & Photo by Nisi with 35mm film

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