Blueberry Skin, Grape Toes

Blueberry Skin, Grape Toes

Painting the color
of your skin,
it is like eating
handfuls of blueberries.
Rubbing down body
blood-purple streak
of tart desire.
Freedom to smash
grapes between toes.
Consume the sun in a field
lighter than air
to float above,
watching dreams come to life.




Meditations from the Mojave

Blank sky / empty and free / only in a distant blue / light streak break the vault / into winding branch /of those arms / reaching infinite / I am not dead here / there is life / scurry scurry / lizard creature / snake that rattles / soul of the desert / sweet dessert of west / we wait for you / always



in all seriousness

Gravity lets go sometimes,
dizzy spells trigger vertigo.

Someone has cut her whiskers,
this cat we had hoped to tame,
a beast she can only be.

Before we give up, let us try
to save the day by cutting our own,
bring about belief in our system.

In solidarity, we dizzy ourselves
so that everyone has a chance
to thrive even while injured.

This is what we do, human or not,
animal or not, a butterfly
caught in a wind storm.

How beautiful the tragedy
when it cannot escape itself,
the most devastating flower.

Mourn all reduction of doctrine,
until we can no longer feel it,
especially for what is to come.

A time when we need steadiness,
we know nothing but lost balance.