An Evening with The Billy Joseph Duo & PSpoets

Come to Molly Malone’s in WeHo tomorrow night for poetry and music! I am one of two featured poets, reading at 8-ish.

I may have to break out the odes to drinking, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. Cheers!

Billy J.jpg

In Which I Fantasize About Blowing Up This Place

Quick to criticize without solution
Broad ideas, narrow minds
Wander in delusion pools of
Occupancy, wonderful
While there is no vacancy
Threats remain and I do not care
Cut the leash and endure this
Yr fresh hardships without me please
No need to have me here when
Miserable technology fails
Blue circle watching
Becomes my full time job
I finished hours ago but
There is no end in sight unless
I cut the cord myself
Set it all free

©Nisi 2015.

Waiting At The Race

Turtle lifting the
great black lace veil
away from my face

Next is the
shrouded universe
that shakes beneath it

What a fantastic un-reality
I have created indulging
sensory data

dating years back to
accentuate senses
making sense of what

the dark shade fades
being lifted. Wonder
how long it’ll take

Hope not very coz
if too long I tarry with nausea
I start to get anxious

waiting at these turtle
races which never seem to end
as mint juleps tend to do.

Encounter Act

Sip beers without fear
Got fun got big guns

Feel good about things
Think hardly any tears

Only wet dreams
Sip beneath seams

Grey film scenes
Lost angels smog skies

Feel half alive by surprise
Handpop fulla ping pong pills

Fill spaces left behind
Try decide weather knot’s fine

Too good live under hoods
Shine in shadows

Elaborate alleyways
Leftover before worlds

Nightmare cut loose
Truths twirled

Hurl forward misfortune
Soon below moon

Inform me your glory
Exit extinct come some

Go live distinct
Enjoy feast of fools

Dog drool eating a
Child’s smile, don’t sulk

Create viable resources
Outsourced work forces nature

Sorry to change apertures
Can’t see the picture’s diction

Try to speak I try
But break the split

I try I try I try
I try to eat a bit

Not sure it’s natural
nurture this shit trip

Baby bird grapple wrap
Clear words without fear

Again I slip as I sip
As I sip I’m tripping

Bloody hands entranced
Drip drip dripping sins.