Wild Wanderer | Topanga Canyon Haiku

The day of our anniversary, we had planned a picnic (with basket and all!). We hopped in the car and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, heading to Point Mugu, a few miles south of Oxnard. Unfortunately, the June Gloom failed to burn off, so we ended up going all the way to Oxnard to have a beer, and headed back down South. The weather was clearing near Malibu, but it was still hazy.

So, we decided to drive up to Topanga Canyon and have our picnic in the woods and wander around a bit to relieve our wanderlust. It was cute and delicious. I made everything from scratch, down to bread loaf. We had tuna salad, red potato salad and a sweet basil, mint, strawberry and watermelon salad.  We will definitely be doing this again soon. ♥ Nisi

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1 Year Wedding Anniversary & Remembering Our Honeymoon in Santa Cruz

I can’t believe it has already been a year since our wedding (June 17th). This time last  year we were cruising up the Pacific Coast, going as far north as Santa Cruz (We were tempted to keep going!). It was an awesome little getaway in my new adopted home of California.

The beaches were packed, as it was a warm day. We checked out the Boardwalk and had some beers, made out in the photo booth, did a little souvenir shopping. Later, we wandered around downtown to dig the sights. We found Pizza My Heart in and had some epic slices while enjoying photos of famous people surfing the famous central coast waves.

We then ran into one of our favorite punk bands from L.A., Sex Stains (Remember Allison Wolfe from Bratmobile? She is still kicking ass), so we caught the end of the show at The Catalyst. They opened for the girl-fronted indie-ish rock band, Cherry Glazerr, who we did not know at all but ended up putting on a rad live performance, finishing the night out with a Nirvana cover of “Territorial Pissing”.

♥ Nisi

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✒ 📷 ⛽ Old Gasoline Haiku | Photograph Taken at Lovell Market | Summer ’16

I visited home for the first time in nearly a decade last summer. I took my husband to show him where I grew up and we went to some of my old haunts. The Lovell Market just outside of Upper Sandusky on State Route 199 was my favorite place to get beef jerky.

They made it in house with cows they raised. Whatever their secret recipe was, it was amazing. I had no other like it. I loved it so much I had my mom to mail me some! Very salty, peppery, chewy, not greasy, just delicious. They also made bratwursts in house and served some epic pizza.

My mom told me the old owners sold the market, but they did not sell off their beef jerky recipe. So no one is actively making this amazing snack (as far as I know) and I am crushed. In any case, I snapped this photo of an old gas pump that sits outside using my Canon-ae 1 program, not sure what kind of film. The haiku was inspired by the photo. ♥ Nisi


✒ 📷 ⛽ Old Gasoline Haiku | Photograph Taken at Lovell Market | Summer '16

Mojave Freedom

We found a road all to our own. Far away from the dull roar of the parking lot that can be 15S from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in the Mojave Desert. Here is another gem taken with my ae-1 and two haikus to make you as free as I did on that old dirt road. Felt like home and a strange place all at once. Enjoy.

♥ Nisi

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Art Queen: A Poem & Photos from a Joshua Tree Art Oasis

Art Queen in Joshua Tree is a magical place. It is an maze of sorts with all kinds of found art objects, junk art sculptures, and other “outsider out”, from paintings to t-shirts and assorted wall hangings. The World Famous Crochet Museum is former mini-camper painted lime green and decked out with hundreds of crocheted creatures. I could spend a long time in there, discovering all the little details like an I Spy book.

Learn more about Shari Elf and her art here.

♥ Nisi


I will wait | Experimental haiku + photo taken with canon ae-1 at Art Queen, Joshua Tree | poetry | art photography | travel

Art Queen | Shari Elf | Photos taken with Canon ae1 program, Joshua Tree, 2017 | Travel Photography | Desert Photography
Art Queen | Dildo Sculpture | Photo by Nisi


Art Queen | Shari Elf | Photos taken with Canon ae1 program, Joshua Tree, 2017 | Travel Photography | Desert Photography
Art Queen | Broom Face | Photo by Nisi


Art Queen | Shari Elf | Photos taken with Canon ae1 program, Joshua Tree, 2017 | Travel Photography | Desert Photography
Art Queen | Quacky Bowling | Photo by Nisi
World Famous Crochet Museum | Shari Elf | Art Queen | Joshua Tree | Nisi Poesy | 35mm | analog film | haiku
World Famous Crochet Museum | Photo by Nisi

Rocky Mountain Haikus & Photographs from Leadville & Frisco

These photos were taken last month in Colorado with my Canon AE-1 program. We stayed in Frisco and snowboarded at Copper Mountain during the USASA Nationals. We also celebrated my step-daughter’s 7th birthday. The top photo is from a trip we took to Leadville, to visit the rock shop there. The bottom photo was taken from Copper Mountain, looking towards Frisco. The haikus were written last weekend at Mammoth Mountain, reflecting on the whole thing.


Rocky Mountain Haikus & Photographs from Leadville & Frisco, Colorado, taken with my Canon AE-1 Program in April, 2017