(Mar Vista Art Walk: Voice 03.02.17)

Look up in the clouds, I’m still alive

The sun soaks into my pores and I relax

I have so many things I want to say

Fast receding daylight – it’s art walk time

Hold on to your creative spirit

It’s about to get real and real weird

Be proactive in doing good

Give love to get love

But you must understand how much I love YOU

Please never forget my face

Shine bright always

Even when the night is dim

Emerald fortress amongst the gilded trees – dew drops fall to cast a sparkle in your eye

On an evening when art reigns supreme

Never stop exploring

Remember to spread the light

Don’t forget that it leaks through

It’s about time that the voices of women are heard

Typing on the magic green typewriter. Why do they call green wait erase that…looks like a screen play from a mad…5%6(7(8…what is this cold fingers on old ling first time on the town new feelings

I love cats they are very very very good – good at making their owners comfortable and happy

If you feel like you are invisible then use your talents as an advantage to make yourself shine.

The softest voices can be so powerful

She is looking at me…I like that…I like her and her new boyfriend…he is black…he is right here with me…I did not like moonlight….sorry….happy march! When two girls have the same outfit there is nothing you can do about it – goodnight

Give them their flowers while they’re here, for when they’re gone it’s too late

Freshness sells, rotate stock

The shoes of the fisherman’s wife were some jive-ass slippers

The past can be a fruitful seed of the future

Spent…moonlight on rye

After thirty years I’m home

it’s actually good she said – much to my surprise

I love tonight

Dreams are full of raibow and glitter

Sure, why not?



The line is sublime

Cacophony of melancholy

Sparkle donkey

Along the tree lined streets I walk alone

Cancel my subscription to the resurrection

There is a war and its me

Sometimes I wear fake glasses and my husband hates it

Woah, boyfriend material

If I keep pleasing my husband I will appreciate the time we have on the weekends

And all days that you have

miles away, but you still seem to be here…

phoenix, rising from ash – we all build this city – we all have a past.

-Mar Vista art walk “Voices”



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