Upcoming: ArtWalk

My neighborhood in Los Angeles is having their quarterly Mar Vista ArtWalk. The theme this time is “Voices”. We are bringing our poetic prowess to the streets and sidewalks of our artistic community to share our words and voices. We will be interacting with the artwalkers to encourage them to share their voices with us.

Philosopher’s Stone Poetry will be hosting a reading and setting up typewriters for people to create their very own poem on scratch paper.  I will be reading with them at 7:30. Across the street, a fellow neighborhood poet, Erika Lane Enggren, and I will be creating collective poems with the community using different media.

We will be collaging (making a collage) with words and phrases pieced together as a poem AND we will also have a typewriter set up for people to share their thoughts and voices on a typed scroll, which we will present and read at the after party behind the art studios at 8:45. We will also be sharing our own poetry before the djs and hip-hop artists hit the stage.

What can I say? I am super stoked. I love that I can contribute to my community and am delighted to do it with so many amazing and talented poets, artists and musicians. My life is blessed and this is all pretty rad.

♥ Nisi


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