tonic for memories


This year I miss the brisk cold

the snow slush, yellow spots and grey ones,

the cursing of ice on snow globe windshield

sipping whiskey to keep away chills,

warming up the cars, damn old clunkers,

20 minutes before leaving anywhere

the small chaos it takes to leave the house,

especially with children,

the mittens, gloves, jackets, hats, snow pants

driving down the road wondering where it is

having to stop because the back window

was forgotten and the ice and the snow

is as thick as the car itself.


It was the early 2000’s, but we were still

rolling in the big clunkers made of metal

complete with carburetors instead of fuel injection

that baby blue ’78 Lincoln Continental Town Car, 

you could hear it coming down the road,

from the next town or two over, loud as ever

Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, other legends 

wailing out their souls, blowing speakers and minds,

turning heads, tires squealing, people yelling,

my dad just laughing, amused at himself.

– Nisi – 

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