Cleopatra Oakley Soup

cleooakleysoupCleopatra Oakley Soup, 2016

The spirit is found
punctuated with so many ‘damnits’
in foreboding thought
the immortal spirit of
the celestial vault
‘son-of-a-gun’ stew
shot them up
a good way of life
the deceased is liberated

Astride a huge diesel tractor
in which he had not had
much experience
while it all began in
the cartoon
enormously impressed
but in the interval
sharp-pointed stilettos
that almost dig out
by it’s nature

After about an hour or so
(Day and Night;
Dawn and Dusk)
in their turn signify
in the inexorable

It was a bitterly cold
autumn day when
with death following
passing of the hours
anxious to get rich quick
become more tranquil

He made a bonfire
burning up normal relations
bury the live ones
them, grandiose and terrible
like the
Prophets of the Sistine

In the meantime in
the terrestrial sphere
and finally the more high
without saying anything
a glimpse of
unutterable beauty



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