Erin Revisited

Floral dresses and tights, too many colors

All the jewelry in the world, it seemed

Vintage coats so warm until the blast of January outside

Alphonse Mucha and his lovely ladies

The fall, winter, and spring, sometimes summer

Collage art, assemblages too

Sonic Youth and the insatiable ennui

The colors purple and turquoise

Black and white photography

Owls, owls, owls, so many owls!

The smell of fresh paint on late studio nights

The smell of perfume too heavily applied

Waiting hours before she was ready

Long cigarette holder emitting smoke signals

Antique lamps, fancy hats and

Fancy parties just because

Bum jugs of wine, Carlos Rossi became a god

(How did she doe it???)

Exquisite Corpse, everything nice and absurd

Worlds of giggles, so much giggling

Romantic literature

The existential hell of life

Poetry, the beauty in our souls

e.e. cummings was her man

Photo shoots exploring the detriment


Thank you, Hugo Ball

Coloring books, the clanking of pencils we used

Frederick Nietsche, also her man

Mad, Dionysian fantasies

William Blake and his tiger, his fly and

His little girl lost

The Doors of Perception

The ever-daunting future

Camel Lights, the smoky haze of a blue room

Incense burning forever

Wes Anderson movies

Binge-watching 6 Feet Under and Scrub ’til morning

The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed as a god

Andy Warhol and his soup can car crashes

3 a.m. instant mashed potatoes

A sweet sort of Anarchy

Dancing, raging…

More dancing and more raging

The B-52’s: Rock Lobster and The Love Shack

Of course Nirvana (Bleach and Incesticide)

Art shows, endless nights of preparation

Writing letters, rereading her’s forever

Animal Collective, sound as energy and vibe

More music

More dancing

More soul

More freedom

Anything old

Everything beautiful



One of the many shoots with Erin, circa 2008.

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