Finding it harder to close myself off,
tiny corners for tiny hands in a trough.

Nothing looks the same
in the end of this shortening day.

Pressing against the  window’s glass,
light reflects all, affecting the masses.

Cringeworthy to thinktank
the world in this state.

Affording a country “once great”,
driven down, still empty with hate.

Today, greed is the breeder,
it bled us out of brain by way of ear.

Becoming thieves of fear,
to me this is clear.

Rise high, now robots of praise,
proud USA to bear witness the ruse.

Knowing better is a tough endeavor,
to swim beyond a corrupting clutter.

Inside a glass house I passively watch
brand-name news stations compare color swatches.

Hoping to keep suckers at bay,
the leader of them, we sincerely pray.

Rather name them all mother fuckers,
let them waterboard each other.


“All Going to Hell in a Hand Basket”






6 thoughts on “Versus

    1. Anti-Trump, Anti-Everything. I am just watching. I just wrote this yesterday, so only the few readers here have seen this one… I have been lacking on the writing, but gaining material in the absence.

      Liked by 2 people

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