The Smell

The smell-
Manifesting itself
From the sea I thrive to exist
Here comfortably between
A true dream-world
Good bye!
Objective reality

States of being come
States of death
Complete the cycle
Circumvent circumstantial
Evidence for true sorrow
AKA human life!
It can be too much

The smell-
Manifest itself again
The sea, I mean not the smell
A product of life
Movement, peace thrives
Exit and exist!
Beneath here contorted

Behind a dying sun
Stay lit for me until I
Burn out the light myself
Go to sleep eternally
Meet my dream me or
Make believe
What is to be after me

Under the sea, under sky
Under each and every fly
Below the sea-line
Behind my eyes, behind yrs
Permanently branded
On yr memory and yrs on mine

Respect, I hope underneath
This mess and final breath
A place for you, place for me
Sleep together always
Beneath the sun
Our Greatest level of certainty.

©Nisi 2015.

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