Encrusted visions
of a fate entrusted,
Lo and behold!
A dream:

Purple mountain’s
majestic sky
whispers lies
over the vacuous desert.

Glowing dots are
little pegged spots
like Lite Brite
patterned blithely,

A cheerful clown,
maybe a little house
w/ a sun and fence,
something “nice”.

The people stand
on a dusty road,
eyes above towards
a blue forever sky.

A band is to perform
out the back of a
carriage truck, driven
by the Medicine Man.

He speaks to announce
only what they know,
those already glued
to her boundless farm,

“Feast yr
eyes upon
the sky!”

There, from the
dusted gods’ summits
plummet rusted old
Cadillacs, ablaze!

Fall like doomed
stars crossing over
to visit bitterly
our secular night.

The darker sky, now
the indigo sky becomes
a blanket backdrop
against the flames.

Fear felt entitled,
but Curiosity mewed
powerfully like a
tiger w/ premonition.

Cascading cars flood
like toilet water,
become falling stars
with baleful business

While a super and true
death awaits them
at a crumbled carnival
upon lowly dirt and sand.

Will they take
with them
the crestfallen,
scattering people?

Will they with
them take us, as
we flap our own
smoldering fins
in the sand?


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