Bottom Feeder

Build mines like rivers rushing,
trust in no matter if never it crushes.

Shells of dried spit, my mouth

Wants to stay but if played
things go south. I must prey

I say, Listen!

Believe me it’s not easy
building gilded horses,

Chess sets addressed to peasants

Rearrange guilt change minds
while mines collapse from
lack of resources.

Object threats

More corrupt than white
hanging spiders are.

Violent people

Are a woozy dry run, cheap
experiments in science class,

Relying on hostages lodged
in sore throats like lozenges.

Seat them next to me please,
cracked dummies set free.

I convince them with lies
reversed, only because they
said it worse first.

Once fed, I learned survival
without the bible, fear and


I shed like a seashell.

The skin I am in carried
away in wind just then,

Before clouds freeze loud
inside my mouth and eyelids

Like some take-breath shape-
shifting spirit or ghost.

Ssshhh!!! Be quiet!

Can you hear?
It needs a host.

© 2013, 2015 Nisi

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