Sun peaks behind clouds
windows through blinds

Eyes run off pages melt butter
sudden face to face

Daylight star grows wide and bright
reinforce living room shelter

Text divine as sprinkled keef taste
rocking horse morning has meaning again

With sadness she ghosts
afternoon settles easy in her pace

Night snakes an enigmatic riddle
hi-jacking a world soul and kills Day

Few hours breathing victory
visceral vengeance. Angels weep en queue

Darkness is heartbreak
delight in ambrosial boon Daylight

never taken. Only in fantasy
Night witnessed beauty

Dreams on the tip mind

Blind star yawning as she rises
over the mountains east to west

Surf sky-ways swerve cracks
orange sign road construction

Weave delightful yarn patterns
warmth wrapped largest blanket ever

Beauty ephemeral as is the word
feel this healing an opportunity to reveal

Sun life gets shorter as time stacks itself
decade long volumes of record and history

Exist nothing more than what we want it
for all our future bodies will know to recall

Days will never get longer
always same truth haunting different bodies

Dissent carries through wee hours
darkness. The secret not yet revealed.

© 2012, 2015 Nisi

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