Meditations from the Mojave

Blank sky / empty and free / only in a distant blue / light streak break the vault / into winding branch /of those arms / reaching infinite / I am not dead here / there is life / scurry scurry / lizard creature / snake that rattles / soul of the desert / sweet dessert of west / we wait for you / always



A Poet’s Guide to the Bars by Kenneth Sonny Donato

This is the first book I bought when I moved to Los Angeles, almost 5 years ago. I thought it would come in handy. Since I have been reading in so many bars lately, I thought I would give it another read for inspiration.

“Unaware/ He offered his drink/ His last solitude/ Ice melting/ Blood brothers that drank hard/ With nothing in sight/ Just guys counting dreams/ Comrades in the night”


The Preschool Poets

I donated to a Kickstarter for The Preschool Poets a couple months ago so animated short films could be made based on the children’s poetry. These words are by Omari, 4 years old, from the poem “Airplane Flying on the Lake”. I can’t wait to get the films in the mail. It is cool to see kids use their creativity and express themselves through poetry. 💜💚💙