Hello hello hello
you there?

it is me
your inner being

I forgot to tell you before
everything is going to be okay

breathe breathe
calm calm calm
almost there

zen in automated sessions

spring towards the grey light
embrace fresh rain then sunshine
it came to release you

baptism without religion

only you only me
together we can enjoy the rain

in pure form
find therapy in nature

concrete sidewalks cannot provide
strip malls cannot compete

honestly these palm trees
cannot hold back

let arms throw up and let go

let it flow flow flow
flood our porches and streets

I am here with you
you are here in me too
until we are not

I also forgot to tell you
this is okay too

the “to be not”

striving for that little piece
of heaven

rainbow faints inside the sun

showering candor storms
caboose of serenity

but here I go babbling away
call me when you get this