Let us surrender to lovely weather
undressing my smile when I forget

Hold me, fly down surf-like on palms’ leaves
waves on the air to embrace you tighter

Sounds wrinkle time and crinkle in our wake
only for an instant does this occur

Pretend none of this counts and relax now
we are here to do what we want to do

Only to please ourselves for this time
use the warm rays of shining sun and all

Even flowers bare the name, it’s sacred
among us white popcorn puffs in unison

Sprinkle between the yellow sun-god-heads
a bacchanal of summer and freedom

Let us surrender it to this lonely world
exist in us for this bat of eyelash

In this moment, pretend we are here now
small blip on radar, one disastrous ant

Hold you, myself and us in waves of mind
wordless thoughts envelop us, we are stamped

Other world communication on point
senses are jet-packed, I can feel it too.



Point Dume State Beach, Malibu 2016