pickles&poetry and picklebacks&poetry are my brainchildren, conceived while driving back from Mammoth Mountain a few weeks ago. I was thinking about ways to get my poetry out there into the world. I’ve been making refrigerator pickles for a while, and I must admit, anyone who has tried them become instant fans. I wondered on my drive along the 395S, how could I combine two of my favorite things? Poetry? And pickles? 

After working my ass off for a week sweating away over the stove-top and typewriter, my ideas came to fruition and my at-home pickle factory produced twelve 16 oz. jars of pickles&poetry, and eleven (We had one casualty.) 8 oz jar of pickles & poetry. Each 8 oz jar came with a little bottle of Jameson, to create picklesbacks&poetry. This was my first run and was more or less a success. I sold these at the Holiday Shopping event at Gravlax in Culver City (Los Angeles) this past Sunday.

The event was a lot of fun, and we are all grateful to have Arda and Magnus supporting us all. They opened early to hold the event (with happy hour prices) and local artists and artisans began selling their wares. We had our Philosopher’s Stone Poetry booth set up with books and typewriters, along with a variety of other canned goods, jewelry, artwork, and knit items. Overall, it was a great day. Many of us ended up bartering goods at the end, trading pickles for pendants, candles, cookbooks and Christmas ornaments.

This wasn’t a huge moneymaker, but I am happy to say I had a vision and made it happen. And now I have the supplies I need to do it again. I can’t wait until the next event, and I hope everyone is enjoying their pickles&poetry.

pickles&poetry for sale at Gravlax in Los Angles by Nisi Poesy | Denise "Nisi" Mckenzie #nisipoesy #pickles #poetry #holiday #shopping #losangeles pickles&poetry for sale at Gravlax in Los Angles by Nisi Poesy | Denise "Nisi" Mckenzie #nisipoesy #pickles #poetry #holiday #shopping #losangeles