It is forever and forever plays a joke on us.
We crave an old comfort lost long ago in a life
outlined with smaller towns.

Taking shelter under the picnic table
we pretended was a ship about to sail away.

A rainy first day of summer vacation,
a pile of books considerately wrapped
to stay out of the rain.

Cats roam the porch to escape the cold drips,
contemplating the meaning of the universe
in their every nose-raise to the air,
senses whisper to delicate whiskers
in a light breeze.

The imagination is authoritative
when we are children.

As adults, a fabrication of reality
demands our fullest attention,
retinas glued to fuzzy tubes,

Computer hands fulfill the wildest of dreams
in the discomfort of our own skin,
behind closed doors and in front of no one.

Only for us to relish in a pickled state.


This is another one I have written recently and is giving me a little trouble. It needs more, but again, I don’t know what! I finally decided to post it so I can dwell on it for a bit. See if I can find what it needs. Always open to suggestions / constructive criticism over here! ♥ Nisi