Nero, light us another city fire
while the song leads on drunk player

haters will laugh at the soloist’s lyre
transpire what is required if any cure me right

I will work this out no matter we win surely
pretty penny can leave us rich enough

stuff waists with melodic traces
face it poetic filters no longer add up

puppies in sweaters cause more of a riot
quite a problematic solution

to infuse my lines with wiles while
childless mothers bear oxy morons

scorn is the word to insert first
worst case scenario smack them properly

stopping this I thought it a point
anointed with disjointed anecdotes

dosed in it I am mostly with it
sit here with me to see flames grow

slow it goes easy does the trick
mystics are proud to announce intuition

pestilent, I am precise in this business
succeed or suck eggs at best I will lead us