Community Poem:

The first rule of love is, there are no rules at all,

The push and pull of the ocean tides, sung by the Moon

Gravity is an endless pleasure, keep from floating too far

It keeps us grounded while we illuminate our eyes

Wheels for reals!


Patiently pursue passion pay attention to pain prowl your soul

Howl back at the moon who sings

A song of fleeting joy, filled with decadence, conjoined by twin signs of beating hearts, like two bicycle wheels together they ride on into a great abyss

A certain freedom no one can take away from us

Each life to live, every lung to fill

The night was cold and Owen loves his momma

Chaos in the millions of beating hearts, overwhelm the Sun

And by two wheels at a time, we move forward, for now

Sky above you, earth below you, fire within you.

Nothings perfect, the worlds not perfect but its there for us trying its hardest that’s what makes it so damn beautiful

Your face, your being…is a work of art a disaster of design

Keep the child inside of you alive at all moments

Alive live a life I find myself here at all moments

There is a first time for everything, including typing at artwalk.

Typewriters think in letters and keys, but me, well, I think in words and motions, paragraphs and less static things. But that’s just me.

Hurling bikes whirling across the world to the rim of rim of the horizon and to the heart of the city

Asphalt goes awry and that couldn’t be more desirable and clickety clack bodes well and well and well and well and well here we are now. What else would you like to do, caress the wind in your sails once more?


And after is relative to change that was already

Apart of people. The predestine nature of love. To create one must look inside of themselves and ask…am I, I am. I am is the answer to this truth. Truth. Truth. Truth. Truth. Faith. Love. Acceptance.

As long as this truth stands, so will I, myself and I will love who I love always, as we move forward in the everlasting and neverending show of time.
All of us