I find space and brace between eyebrows
Underneath layers, blankets like snow

Inside cluttered culture closets
Seeking nose slide revisions as it

Breaks away beneath me, I start to lose it
Before it even touches me, I cannot reach

I cannot see from behind or ahead
Forgot it lost itself in jest years ago

When I flaked out and left you all
One could say… strategic avoidance

I won here in this space, tricking myself in vain
While my veins run dry from the blood

Believing beyond the sea’s journey
What is left now if the mucky-muck

Has broken up with all of my flaws?
It is still not right, it is still not going to be

Light enough to joke about even with you
The band-aid is off, not ridding the shadow

But changing its cast once again
Just don’t know how long it is going to last

Though it doesn’t seem to matter much
The darker spots lost in the ruts

In the muck we mock diving dolphins
More divine than any of us

Living lives numb in highlighted shadows
A paradise playing parodies of ourselves

Maybe it is just enough to get by to
Rely on crucial distractions as

Maudlin reminders, so sickly sweet
Keep us going, keep on trucking

Dance if you have half a heart because
I can’t stand it standing by to complain

Or opt out and fall like the rest of them

©Nisi 2015.