“god” bless the unveiled children
faces hide behind a dark division

sport uneven broken lines, lies
nothing more to do but giggle

caress the maniac sunset
deflower over low clouds

as motionless words waste away
become a stale sex smell

broken machines of hate and love
pretend not to exist during this

live in an invented kindergarten
cradle Xbox crave infamy

5 hr energy deals the angel of death
the canon of 2011 is 2016

reflect off android screens
touch what is not there

for a second-rate attack
in quest of divine hallucination

dream of trees without shadows
unflavored spaces penetrate essence

pocket-sized escapes from Digi-hell
shattered skull of cellphone reflection

wireless authority wreckage
copulate in heaps of garbage

used batteries, condoms
dead temporary machines

outdated before due dates
saccharine electroblood

dribble from chic body bags
hoard the worms and mud

drip down sidelines
tainted banana sex fiends

machines for our godless kerosene
burn the heart of our defect

bless them, “god”
the unveiled children