This photo is from our trip to Frisco, Colorado last April. The haiku was written later, inspired by the image. It was taken inside the little museum gift shop in the town. I believe it used to be the schoolhouse. There is this entire museum park that is a replica of what the town used to look like, with some original buildings.  The early settlers in Colorado first arrived to log and mine the region, created their homesteads which turned to small villages than towns and even cities, like Denver. They did the things humans do when they find unchartered territory- exploit it over and over again until we are so nostalgic for the first pioneers of natural destruction. Then we can’t even find what was once there because we used it all up for money, as we are so entitled. Dead animals and dead forests and dead rivers and dead civilizations. We have conquered.

Old Life, Once Bright - A Haiku about Death by Denise Mckenzie | Nisi Poesy