Gone, barely noticed.

Rain drips and rain drops. Rare it is for us, to feel… Already? Goodbye.                                                                                   -Nisi-

bullish intent

There is acceptance here as my own nears place perspective in front clot the past rears it gets complicated listening to the drab. -Nisi-  

Playa del Rey

[wpvideo nEI4znQG]   We live in beautiful places we thrive in ordinary spaces just like they were always the new places planes save their graces exiting LAX to the west over the water and laughter upon the beach communities succulents, sand and palm trees barely...

Spiritus, Be Free

A butterfly appeared one week after you left us here to remain. Huge wings danced on delicate wind, teasing the air like always. I thought it was you. Fluttering a bright yellow with white accents. Perhaps your color shows in this way. Now, an aura from another realm...