Fog taunts and lingers Wind whistles the leaves to rest Rise, All Hallows’ Eve! ©Nisi 2015.

The Pine

Waiting for a song Any one the sun might sing Waking even death © 2015 Nisi

Morning Quick Sought Thought

Much distraction Retract syntax But don’t tax Freedom face Today 2 hrs Get you off That is all I Sacrifice now Make old gods’ Beaks rattle Caves of mind Direct control Cynical force-fed Cylindrical pellets At bay the wise Thought of rationale Kept away...

Comfort Zone

I find space and brace between eyebrows Underneath layers, blankets like snow Inside cluttered culture closets Seeking nose slide revisions as it Breaks away beneath me, I start to lose it Before it even touches me, I cannot reach I cannot see from behind or ahead...